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Welcome to Sakshi

Who Are We?

Sakshi is a registered NGO that began its operations in 1992 after witnessing an adverse finding of a Supreme case involving the rape of a minor.

We have since then worked towards creating a society where vulnerable and marginalised groups are empowered and equal. Focusing on gender and sexual rights we are moving towards the creation of a society of non-judgemental, empowered individuals who will protect and prevent harm to any of their fellow-beings.

Take Action

Sign the petition to show your commitment to eradicating Child Sexual Abuse. We appreciate your time and feel proud of everyone that has decided to take a stand and make a difference.

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Our Impact

Years of Change
Homes Made Safe

Impact Leaders Fellowship

Sakshi’s 1-Year Impact Leaders Fellowship Programme (ILFP) invites aspiring and emerging change leaders who are committed to social impact and are motivated to build their capacity, grow their spheres of influence and cultivate their leadership skills.

The fellowship is designed to give fellows an in-depth insight into non-profit organisation management with all its functional and programmatic aspects.

How Do We Use Our Funds?

Research & Stakebuilding

for Preventive Systemic Interventions

Creative Education Content

for Training & Capacity Building

On-Ground Interventions

to Interrupt the Cycle of Sexual Violence

Get Involved

Start a Fundraiser

Want to get involved but don’t don’t know where to start? Well, you could create your very own fundraiser to sustain our efforts to create Safe Spaces. Download our Fundraising Toolkit and get started now.

CSR Partnership

By aligning corporate citizenship efforts with revenue-generating activities, Sakshi ensures that it’s CSR programmes under I, III & V of Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013 are strategic and sustainable.


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About Sakshi

Founded in 1992, Sakshi is an NGO, headquartered in New Delhi, India that actively works towards building access to justice by informing and educating the citizens about law reforms and their rights.

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Pledge for Safe Space
“We The People […] Give To Ourselves This Constitution.”
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